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 Getting to Bequia

Getting to Bequia has always been a part of its charm. No large cruise ships, or jets connect Bequia with the rest of the world.  This has preserved Bequia as an example of the "Original Caribbean". With a size of approximately 7 square miles and around 5,000 inhabitants, it's the ideal island getaway.

Transportation options are on small scheduled or charter aircraft, local ferries, and private or chartered yachts. Bequia, being just a bit off the beaten path, gives the traveler a chance to experience what the Caribbean once was, with its lack of crowds, casinos or high rises, and its friendly people and unspoiled natural beauty. It's likely you'll make many new friends, both local and from far off places, that share something in common; a love of nature and a love for Bequia.


Except for nationals of Canada,  the U.S. and the U.K., all visitors must have valid passports to enter St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  All visitors must have a return or ongoing ticket. Visas are not required. Visitors planning to stay more than one month need to visit with Immigration authorities for an extension and pay a small fee. Extensions are good for up to 3 months and can be renewed.

US State Dept. - Caribbean passport   The United States has implemented new rules that require Americans to show passports upon return from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. U.S. citizen should check the State Department link above for current status.


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