Bequia has a wonderful, varied, assortment of beaches for swimming, snorkeling, and sunning. Their best feature is you will never find a crowd! Below are some of the beaches Bequia has to offer. Inquire locally for current conditions and characteristics, as they can change due to weather and other factors. If you plan to hike to a remote beach, let someone know where you are going and ask for directions. One other note, nude and topless sunbathing are against the law. Sunscreen, hats and cover-up are advised and drink plenty of water, to remain hydrated. Enjoy!



Hope Bay

hike in, semi-secluded, body surfing, white sand, picturesque, no facilities, some shade

Ravine Bay

hike in, secluded, rough surf, dark sand, blow hole, picturesque, no facilities, some shade

Friendship Bay

easy access by vehicle or walk, restaurants, beach bar, white sand, snorkel sites, picturesque, shade

Tony Gibbons Bay (Princess Margaret Beach)

short walk over bluff or down rough road or water taxi, no facilities, generally calm, white sand, picturesque, some shade, popular spot but not crowded, good swimming, some snorkel

Lower Bay

easy access via walk, boat, or vehicle, Sunday fun, restaurants, beach bars, meet other people, white sand, generally calm, snorkel sites, some shade

Industry Bay (Crescent Beach)

hike or vehicle, semi- secluded, restaurant/beach bar,  snorkel sites, white sand, shade, picturesque, generally calm

Spring Bay

hike or vehicle, semi- secluded, occasional facility, snorkel sites, white sand, shade, picturesque, generally calm, somewhat shallow

Park Bay

hike or vehicle, semi- secluded, turtle hatchery,  no other facilities, snorkel site, white sand, shade, windy

Rocky Bay

Water taxi, dive boat, hike, rocky shore, good snorkel, semi secluded, some dive boat traffic, no shade

L'Anse Chemin

difficult access- hike or dive boat, rocky shore, secluded, experienced snorkel only, some shade, remote

Athneal Ollivierre Beach

vehicle and short walk, near airport, no facilities, white sand, semi- secluded, generally calm, clear, and shallow


beach walkway, sandy bottom, boat traffic, best swim near end of walkway, some snorkeling there, harbor views, generally calm