Whether you need a rental car or jeep, or a taxi to meet your arrival or take you to market, you will find what you need here.

The covered pickup truck is a common taxi in Bequia and very practical. You benefit from the cooling breezes as you make your way around the island and are provided with an excellent view to take in the island beauty. Taxi rates are set by the government, it’s always wise to agree on the rate prior to departing. Rates should be quoted in EC dollars but it’s best to clarify this as sometimes rates may be quoted in US dollars, especially for an island tour. Mini Buses (vans) are also available for those wishing a more traditional ride. There are also  dollar vans that run set routes at certain times of the day. Check with the Tourism Authority, at the pier in town, for rates and latest information. Taxis can also be contact on VHF Ch 68 for those on yachts.

Take an island tour with one of the taxi drivers waiting your arrival under the trees near the jetty. They will fill you in on all the scenic sites, island history and happenings.

For a trip to the beach a ride in a water taxi can’t be beat for a little local color. Watch your step when you get out!  Did you arrive by yacht? Call a water taxi on Ch 68 to deliver you to town and leave the dingy aboard. Let your taxi driver know when you’ll need pick-up and he’ll be there to meet you. You can usually find a water taxi at the dinghy docks along the Belmont walkway or flag one down from the beaches of Lower Bay or Princess Margaret. Many restaurants will also call one for you.



Type E-Mail Telephone  (784)
Challenger Rentals Suzuki challengertaxi@yahoo.com 458-3811
D & N  Jeep Rentals Suzuki


458-3064 or 593-7222
Bequia Jeep Rentals  Suzuki


458 3760
Sunrise Rentals Suzuki / Mokes sunrisebequia@hotmail.com (784) 593-3631
Handy Andy Rentals  Jeeps/motorbikes/bicycles


458 3722
A&J Jeep Rentals Suzuki alvintaxi@hotmail.com 458.3356 or 593.0516
Affordable Jeep Rentals Suzuki dk.sons@hotmail.com 431 8760
Hotta Fire Rentals Suzuki   455 4682
Lency's Rentals Suzuki lencsimmons@hotmail.com 458 3835 or  455 5818
Pike Taxi/Rentals Suzuki   458-4443
Phil's Car Rental Automatics 


458 3304 or  457 3175
Highrider Taxi/Rentals Suzuki jutie@hotmail.com 532-4088 or 433-4900
K & C Jeep Rental Suzuki bequiajeeprental@gmail.com 526-6275
 TAXIS Seating E-Mail  Telephone  (+1 784)
Challenger I & 2 12 challengertaxi@yahoo.com 458-3811
Noel's Taxi 12 noeltaxi@vincysurf.com 458-3064 or 593-7222
Gideon 12 gideontaxi@vincysurf.com 458 3760
Jump In I & 2 12 sunrisebequia@hotmail.com (784) 593-3631
Ricky Nichols 12 Marise_Leslie@hotmail.com 458 3400
Alvin 12 alvintaxi@hotmail.com 458.3356 or  593.0516
Lency 12 lencsimmons@hotmail.com 458 3835 or  455 5818
Lubin / The Best Taxi Service 12


784-530-4737; 784-458-3349; 917-519-0123 (United States number)
Pike 12   458-4443
Highrider Taxi 12 jutie@hotmail.com 532-4088 or 433-4900
Eagle Taxi 12   458-3617 or 593-9639
Hotta Fire (John Taxi) 12   455 4682
There are many other taxi drivers that have not yet supplied their phone #'s or E-mail addresses required for free listing.
* Seating numbers are estimates