Villas and private homes are the ultimate way to enjoy your stay on Bequia. Homes range from one to five bedroom units, and from the comfortably simple to the simply luxurious.  Most are located to take advantage of the breezes and views and A/C is not usually necessary. Few homes are waterfront units on hilly Bequia, though most have ocean views, and you are never more than a few minutes from a beach, even on top of Mount Pleasant!  You can walk to most places on Bequia or use one of the reasonably priced taxis to get you around. Some rental cars are also available and it’s best to book ahead. See the map of Bequia to get an idea of where these various properties are located.  Most villas have hot water although some listed with or without may have it only in the showers. Please do tell owners you found them on Bequia Net.

The West of the island of Bequia is its Leeward side. You can find Leeward Side Villas here.

The East of the island of Bequia is its Windward side. You can find Windward Side Villas here.