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Weddings in the Caribbean

 Name/Web site: Location Phone #
Fax #
A Caribbean Wedding Bequia 457 3209 457 3505
Grenadine Weddings Bequia +1 (784) 457 3739 N/A

Getting Married in SVG

St Vincent and the Grenadines is wonderful place for a couple to begin a life together. Many hotels will be glad to manage the entire wedding for you. Some have packages that include arranging the ceremony, a reception and honeymoon; others will work with you on customizing all details of the event.

Two types of license, each equally valid, are offered; “ordinary" and “special."

Special licenses, preferred by tourists because of the shorter waiting period, are provided by the SVG Ministry of Justice and require that both persons have been visiting in the islands at least one day prior to the wedding. The ordinary license, usually chosen by SVG citizens and available from the Registrar, requires that a notice of the intended marriage be published at least seven working days prior to the ceremony. Visitors must be in the country 15 days prior to application for license.

  • Ordinary License – $15EC stamp
  • Special License – $500EC + $20EC stamp

The Registry is located on St. Vincent on Halifax Street (also known as Back Street), and is open 8:30 am to noon and 1 pm to 3 pm, Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9 am to 11 am. If you have previously been widowed or divorced, you should bring a copy of your official documents verifying that fact, either in the form of an official copy of your divorce decree or the official certificate of your previous spouse’s demise. Original copies are required./p>