Judy Simmons
April 28, 2020

Ever wanted to learn more about Island Life on Bequia over the last few decades? Or to get a glimpse into the characters that have moulded Bequia over that time?

Then head on over to the blog of Judy Simmons, who co-founded Mac’s Pizzeria, and immerse yourself in her wonderful Island Stories.

You can find her fabulous blog here: Bequia Island Life Stories.

3 Replies to “Bequia Stories”

Tom O'Handley Reply August 20, 2020

So nice to see this stories. Thank you! They remind me of my mom’s own journey to and life on Bequia. Love, Tom O’Handley (Caroline’s son.)

admin Reply August 20, 2020

We’re loving them – and best of all they just keep coming!

Stephen Joseph Heyda Reply May 6, 2021

I visited Bequia in the summers of 1973 and 1974, working with the Port Elizabeth and Paget Farm teachers on the island. I fell in love with the island and it’s people. Their passion for life and the love of Bequia was in every person’s soul. I fondly remember so many of the people who were kind to me, (and I am certain many of whom are no longer with us): Fr. Charles Adams, Pastor of the Anglican Church; Mrs :Lewis, the cook at the rectory; Simon and Mac McGlynn, Clive Frank – who I know was killed in an airplane accident; Eloise Simmons, teacher at the new Anglican High School; Richie, a young boy with curly blond hair who visited me every day – and who I almost met a number of years ago in a cruise in St Thomas where he crewed on a St. Vincent boat; the gentleman who built my sail boat with passion and love – I still have it on display in my home; and so many others whose names escape me after all these years.

I would love to return to the island once more.

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